Lawn Mowing

Weekly Mowing Service

Our professional Lawn care crew will come to your home or business once per week on a regularly scheduled day to maintain your lawn.

What’s Included in this service:

  • Edging of sidewalks and Driveway as needed
  • Line trimming around obstacles walks & drives
  • Blowing debris off walks and driveways
  • Grass mowed at proper height for the time of season

Some of what we do differently are that our Mowers are set for the proper cutting height for grass in our particular region, however, occasionally our crews will make a height adjustment for certain yards for specific reasons. The pattern of lawn mowing will be alternated every week where possible for a better looking lawn.

Weekly Lawn mowing is recommended to maintain both the overall appearance and health of the grass.

Bi-weekly mowing is not recommended during heavy growing periods in the Spring. A $5 charge is added to the weekly mowing charge for bi-weekly service. Bi-weekly mowing will increase the need for bagging of the grass due to excessive length.

If it rains on your normal service day, your grass may not be mowed. You can expect service the next day. During periods of excessive rain, we may fall a day or two behind schedule. In the alternative, should we encounter drought conditions, the weekly mowing may be skipped.

If you are planning an outdoor event, party, garage sale, etc, and need to change your regular mowing day, please contact our office. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.


Our goal is to leave your lawn looking perfect. To maintain the health and appearance of the turf, grass will be bagged and hauled away on an “as needed” basis. Weather and growing conditions will dictate the need for bagging. A CHARGE OF $3.75 PER BAG WILL BE ADDED TO WEEKLY MOWING CHARGES. Customer may also request bagging for a specific mow date.

For WEEKLY BAGGING, add $6 to weekly mowing charge, and your grass will be bagged and hauled away every visit for the season. Oversized lots will be priced slightly higher for weekly bagging charge

The cost for bagging service covers the disposal charges incurred from the landfill.


Lawn Care Services